Restaurant Point of sale systems

Point of Sale Systems and Technology Support

Your restaurant needs a smart solution that can keep up with your fast paced, high demand, and constant changing market. A POS system that can supply you with the right tools to operate and manage your restaurant. Our POS systems are easy to use, smart, and efficient for both your newest employees and your most seasoned employees, whether you run a full service or counter service restaurant, bar or nightclub.

With correct and up to date software our POS systems offer you cutting edge features that keep you ahead of the competition. We ensure nonstop system availability and support. Our POS systems are reliable in all aspects so you can focus on your operations and not your POS system.

  • Our point-of-sales system has the flexibility and features to easily handle casual dining to fine dining, or anywhere you fit in between.

    EBTF’s Restaurant Solutions are perfect for full service sites, from casual family restaurants to fine dining establishments. Features such as automatic check splitting and pay at table handhelds delight customers and create customer satisfaction. These features make it easy for the kitchen to easily plate dishes as well as the food runners. Pay at table handhelds provide customers with an easier and secure payment option as well as a more efficient way to turn tables during your busiest hours.

    A Simple, easy to edit, and accurate upselling of both food and liquor allow your restaurant to keep every earned dollar of revenue while catering to customers and the options they demand. Liquor drinks can be upgraded to a premium simply in 2 touches, and the cost differential and inventory are automatically calculated ensuring that the pricing is consistent.

  • Coffee shops, delis, take-away kiosks, drive-thrus, even gift shops can be easily handled by our point-of-sales Solution.
  • Our point-of-sales system finely-tuned operation and built in security gives bar and night club operators new levels of control.

    EBTF’s built in security give bar and night club operators new levels of control. EBTF’s POS Solution is ideal for your bar or nightclub environment. One Touch Ordering allows a bartender to quickly select the beer or liquor in 1 touch and simply swipe a customer’s payment card to close the transaction. Speed and number of touches is key to the success of a POS in a bar or nightclub environment and no system is faster than EBTF’s POS.

    Bar tabs can be quickly stated with as little as 1 additional touch. Pre-authorizations not only get a approval before the customer runs up a tab, but are 100% PCI compliant and can be used to both name the check and perform a fast close when the guest is ready to leave. Tabs can be shown on the POS by the customer’s location around the bar or alphabetically based on the name placed on the tab.

    Shared Tabs allow bars to have multiple bartenders serving many guests from several different terminals behind the same bar. Each bartender can access the other’s tables and add new drinks or take payments. Each bartender is fully accountable for their transactions and cash management at end of shift is simplified through easy to read check out reports.

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