Basic Printer Troubleshooting

1. Does the Printer have power?

Look for a lit LED light. If anything is lit, regardless of color, then the printer has power. If you do have power, continue to step 2. If you do not see a light, make sure the switch is flipped to the on position. If you still have no power, then check the wall socket for power by trying to plug something else into it.

2. Does the printer have paper?

Without paper, the printer cannot print, and the attached cash drawer will not open. If you do have paper, continue to step3.

3. Can you print a “Printer Self Test”?

To print a printer self-test, you must first turn the printer off by flipping the power switch. Once off, hold down the “Feed’ button and turn the printer back on. Do not release the feed button until the printer starts to print. If you printed out a printer self-test, continue to step 4. If you are still holding the “Feed” button after 7 seconds, then you have a bad printer. Please call support to check warranty status or to order a replacement. (1-888-378-3768)

4. Look for a “Printer Active” slip Each printer is tied to a terminal.

The terminal a certain printer is tied to can be found in Setup -> Hardware devices in Manager console. Look for the printer’s name, and click edit. You should see a “Terminal” Field. Please see attached picture. Terminating and relaunching the terminal that the ‘bad’ printer is attached to should make the printer print a ‘Printer Active’ slip. If you get a printer active slip, please continue to step 5. If this does not print, then you have a connection issue. Check cables to ensure a solid connection. Swapping out cables with a known good cable is also an acceptable way to check your connection as well.

5. Check printer routings from the Manager Menu in FOH

Sign on as a manager to access the manager menu from a FOH terminal. Select the “Control Printers” button (Top Right). Visually, all of your printers should be blue. This indicates the printer is routed normally. A green color means that the printer is being redirected. A red color means the printer has been disabled. If your printer is blue, then continue to step 6. If it is any other color, click on the printer and then click on “Normal Operation”. A ‘Reload’ is probably in order after that.

6. Still having issues?

If you are still having issues after following all of these troubleshooting techniques, then your problem is data related. Check the particular Item(s) that is not printing in the manager console to ensure that the print route is correct. For assistance with this, feel free to give us a call on the support number (1-888-378-3768)