Pricing and How It Works

This article will give you a short overview of how pricing works in onePOS, along with using price levels for modifiers, ingredients whose prices change and liquor ingredients.

  • There are approx. 15 different price levels per item within onePOS.
  • 12 Options can be set to automatically be used based on time or day. Ex Wednesday and Thursday from 4-7pm an item is half price.
  • Pricing can also be dictated on a screen group basis by clicking on the “screens” tab of the item, and then clicking the “pricing” button on the same row as the location you want to change/review pricing for. Make sure the proper selection is made from the drop box and ensure all price levels that need to be used from this screen are checked.
  • Items may ring up free or at a lower price than normal when rang in through a chain link from another item. For example, a side of fries that may be $2.49 a la carte, may be free or only $.50 when ordered with a burger, or as described below with the Bahama Mama. This is dictated by the chain link settings on the main item, such as the burger. See chain link information for more details.
  • When the item is a modifier/side in the system, such as the “Well Rum” is in the Bahama Mama, additional price settings would be on the “Links” tab of the Bahama Mama. On this tab, you will likely need to use the “b/c” checkbox for “base charge”. This means the auto selected item’s price will be subtracted from the price of any other selection that carries a higher price. For example, if the “Well Rum” in the Bahama Mama is priced at $4.00, and the Bacardi price is $5.00, the Bahama Mama price will go up by $1.00 if Bacardi is selected in lieu of “Well Rum”. The $1.00 will either be added to the base price of the Bahama Mama or show up as a separate line item charge under the Bahama Mama.