Setting Up / Modifying Suggested Tip Rates

  1. 1. Log into MC and click setup, then click “Dining Areas”.
  2. Open the dining area you want to change/setup the tip suggestion rates for.
  3. Click the “Receipts” tab at the top.
  4. Enter in up to three suggested tip rates in the boxes at the bottom right that are labeled “Sug Tip Rate 1, 2, 3”. These rates must be entered in whole numbers – Ex. 18.00 for 18%. 
  5. Ensure the checkbox “Show tip rate line” is checked. This is just above where you enter the suggested tip rates.
  6. Click “OK”.
  7. Repeat steps 2-5 for any additional dining areas you want to change/setup tip suggestion rates for.
  8. Click “done” when you are finished.