Setting Up Countdown Items

  1. Open the item you wish to count down in Manager Console under Merchandise – Modify Merchandise.
  2. Enter a whole number in the “Qty Avail” box(enter 13.00 if you have 13 on hand).
  3. If this item is not a size of a different item (such as a whole rack of ribs is the same as two half racks of ribs), ensure the “deduct to” selection is self and the deduct qty is 1.00 (unless of course it is the whole rack of ribs, and it needs to deduct 2 units from the half rack count, in which case half rack would be selected in the “deduct to” drop box of the whole rack, and deduct qty would be 2.00).
  4. Click “Ok” and “done” when finished.
When the countdown quantity entered has been sold, the item will automatically become “86’d” and the button will be blacked out on the terminal software.
Once you receive a delivery for the item, repeat steps 1-4, then uncheck the “is countdown item” or “is 86’d” box and click “ok” or “done” until you’re at the main screen.
Sign into the terminal software as a manager, touch Adjust countdown, find the item you wish to clear from the countdown menu, touch it, and then touch “clear”