Assigning a Customer ID to a Check

  1. While in a check, touch “Check Options”.
  2. Touch “Assign customer ID”.
For Existing Customers: 
  1. Type in the customer’s name or phone number. It is HIGHLY recommended to ALWAYS use phone numbers WITH the area code to look up customers within the system.
  2. A list of customers matching the information entered will begin to populate on the left. Touch the customer you are working with. You do not have to enter the customer’s entire name or entire phone number for them to populate on the list on the left. 
  3. Review the customer’s information to ensure you’ve selected the correct customer. If everything is correct, touch “Use Customer”. If most of it is correct, touch the field that is incorrect to address. If none of it is correct (you’ve selected the wrong customer) touch “clear customer” and proceed with “For Existing Customers” step 1.
  4. Touch “Order Entry” to return to the ordering/payment options.
For New Customers:
  1. Touch the green “Add” button.
  2. Touch each field to enter the information. We recommend entering first and last name, phone number, address, and email address.
  3. Touch “Use customer”
  4. Touch “Order Entry” to return to the ordering/payment options.