Using the “Hold” Feature

  1. To “hold” an item or items, you can touch the blue “Hold” button just above the G# 2 and G# 3 buttons. It will turn red and say “Holding Items”. Then, anything you ring in will have an “H” next to the quantity. Anything with an “H” beside the quantity WILL NOT be “sent” to the kitchen etc when touching send and exiting the check.
  2. You can also touch an item that has not been sent to the kitchen yet and then touch the blue “Hold” button described above. This will cause an “H” to show up next to the quantity. Note: If the “Hold” button does not populate on the screen or only populates for managers, and you want it to populate on the screen, please email us at
  3. To remove the “Hold”, touch the hold button and then touch the items you want to remove the hold for OR touch the item you want to remove the hold for, and then touch the “Hold” button.
  4. The “H” should now be gone from the item(s) you removed the hold for, so taking any action that would normally “Send” them will do so, such as touching “Send”, or printing the check, or closing the check.