Entering Credit Card Tips

  1. While on the table layout screen, touch “Server Menu” at the bottom right of the screen and touch “Enter Credit Tips” How to enter credit card tips
  2. Find the transaction that matches the amount and name on the credit card receipt and touch it.
  3. Type in the amount of the tip left on the credit card and touch “Ok”.
  4. The system will display the base amount, tip amount entered, and new total. Review the new amount displayed to confirm accuracy and touch “Ok”.
  5. Touch “submit” at the bottom of the screen.

Adding to Automatic Gratuity Checks: If an additional tip was left on a credit card for a transaction that involved automatic gratuity, touch “Show all” at the bottom of the credit card tip screen to display these transactions. When entering the tip amount, you will enter the entire tip amount OR the additional tip depending on what software version your site is running. (Ex: If not on version 3.8.03 or later, if auto gratuity is $5 and they leave an additional $2, you MUST enter $7.)

Review the new amount displayed to confirm accuracy!!!!!!!