Taking Multiple Payments for One Guest/Check

  1. Touch “Close Check”
  2. Touch the type of payment you want to do first. For example, if the check is $40 and you want to pay $25 on credit card 1, which is a Visa card, as the first payment, touch Visa and swipe the Visa card. A box will appear allowing you to type in the amount you want to put on the Visa card. Type in the amount for that card and touch “Done” How to take multiple payments for a single guest/check
  3. You should see the total amount due at the bottom left corner change from $40 (original total) to $15 (new total due after $25 Visa payment has been taken into account). Confirm you took the first payment for the correct amount.
  4. Now process the payment for the rest of the total due:
  • 4a. If the remainder is to be paid with a different credit card, which we’ll call credit card 2, simply swipe the credit card. There is no need to select the type of card used because the new total amount due in the bottom left corner of the screen is the amount you want to put on the credit card.
  • 4bIf the remainder is to be paid with cash, simply select the amount of cash being received on the fast cashout button, or touch “Cash” and type in the amount of cash received, and press “Done”.