Change the POS Terminal’s Time / Date

  1. Check all POS terminals to find out if the entire system is wrong or just a single terminal.
  2. If the entire system is wrong, sign in on Term 1.
  3. Touch “Change date/time”.
  4. Select the correct time and date.
  5. This may take a few minutes to update on other terminals. Repeat this procedure on the affected terminals if they do not update within a few minutes.
Also, go to the back office and go to Setup – Hardware Devices. Then double-click on “Terminal #01” and make sure the checkbox for “Allow Time Set” is checked on ALL terminal hardware profiles (ex. Terminal #02, Terminal #03, etc).  If any were NOT checked, be sure to check them and click OK / Done. Then go to each POS terminal whose profile you changed and perform a terminate / relaunch.