HASP / KEK Missing Error

If you encounter an error when trying to run an electronic payment (credit card or gift card) and you get an error message “HASP/KEK MISSING”, that means the system cannot see the HASP key. This is typically caused by someone closing the BOH program Manager Console. Manager Console needs to be running all the time so the POS terminals can read the HASP key, which is the purple USB drive that is plugged into your back office computer (it will typically have a 5 digit number on it). It is always best to have onePOS remote launcher running as well, because it will automatically relaunch Manager Console if someone does end up closing MC (manager console). However, if someone closes the remote launcher program, manager console will not re-launch automatically when closed, which can cause a KEK/HASP Missing error.


To fix this error, run launcher on the BOH. This should then run manager console. Then go to a terminal and try to run a payment. If you still get the KEK missing error, terminate the system from manager menu and touch relaunch on the onePOS remote launcher. This will bring the terminal program back up. Try the payment again. If you still get the error, verify that the HASP key (purple USB drive) is plugged into the BOH computer. It typically glows purple or orange. If you still get the HASP/KEK Missing error when running a card after following these steps, call support.