Changing Prices / Setup of Special Pricing (ex: Happy Hour)

  1. Log into Manager Console (MC) and open the menu item you wish to change pricing for.
  2. Click the “Pricing” tab.
  3. Unless settings have been changed using the “pricing” button on the screens tab, the base price will be the standard price charged. Changing the base price will change the default price used unless the default price is overridden by a time-sensitive price setup in price levels 1-12 or by the pricing settings on screens for that screen group.
  4. Pricing that is time-sensitive, such as for happy hour, can be set up using price levels 1-12 by putting the price for the specific time period in the price level one field and choosing the days and start/end times this price is in effect. For example, if something should be 2.50 Monday-Thursday for happy hour from 4-7 PM
  5. We recommend keeping the purpose of various price levels consistent for easy future menu management.


For example:

Price level 2 – Lunch Specials – Ex. Item is cheaper during lunch hours

Price level 4 – Happy Hour – Ex. Drinks are cheaper 4-7PM Mon-Thurs

Price level 6 – Daily specials – Ex. Chicken Tenders are 6.99 on Tuesdays

Price level 8 – Late night specials – Ex. Appetizers are half price after 9PM