onePOS Manager Console Error Message Troubleshooting

Below is a list of common error messages in Manager Console and their resolutions.
  1. System Key Encryption Key has expired: This message indicates that the System KEK has expired and needs to be reset. Call support at 1-888-378-3768 for instructions and today’s security code to reset this message.
  2. “I clicked on ‘X’, but nothing popped up.”: If you click on a menu item and log in with your nickname and password, but the window doesn’t appear; you most likely entered the incorrect Nickname or password. Go back to the menu item and attempt to enter your nickname and password again.
    If you are already logged in and click on a menu item, but the window doesn’t appear; your security permissions do not allow you to access this function. You will need to speak with the owner or general manager to request access.
  3. “Your password is about to expire.”: If you receive this message after logging in, the system is warning you that your password is going to expire soon and needs to be changed.
  4. “Your password has expired.”:  If you receive this message after logging in, your Manager Console password has expired and needs to be changed to be able to perform any of the functions in Manager Console. The system will not let you log in with an expired password, expect to Modify Employees. If you select Employees -> Modify Employees and log in twice, you will be able to access the Modify Employees screen and change your password, as long as your security level is high enough to access the functionality, to begin with.
  5. END OF DAY NOT RUN: This error can apply to both Manager Console and the Terminal applications, as it appears in both places. If you encounter this message, verify that End of Day was successfully run for the day before. If End of Day has not been run and you have not done conducted any transactions yet, run End of Day and this message should disappear. If you have done End of Day and can verify it, this is likely due to a glitch that makes both of these systems think that End of Day has not been run. This glitch will not hinder business in any form and will disappear after the next successful End of Day posting.
  6. “System Totals Excessively Off”: If you receive this message while doing your End of Day, it means that your system total “Ideal” and “Actual” column are significantly different.
If, for some reason, the resolution on this page does not fix your issue, please call support at 1-888-378-3768.