Frequently Used Reports in Manager Console (MC)

  1. Sales Reports – Daily Sales Report – this is the perfect 1-2 page snapshot that typically prints or gets emailed during end of day.
  2. Item Reports – Product Mix – this is the most popular “what all have I sold” report. Using the various Group By options and unselecting what you don’t want to see will help you eliminate unwanted information on the report.
  3. Payroll Reports – Payroll Details Report – a detailed report of each clock in/out, including tips earned information.
  4. Item Reports – Countdown Report – This report shows you the number of items the system is “counting” that you have in stock. This is typically used when there is a chance you will run out of a particular item, or with any item you want to keep very close track of. The countdown settings must be set up ahead of time.
  5. Audit Reports – Manager Activity – Timeclock – This report shows you all time clock activity from MC – this includes changes in time clock records
  6. Sales Reports – Categorical Sales Report – this report shows sales by category
  7. Transaction Reports – Transaction Report – This report shows a complete listing of every ticket. This includes payment method, items rung up, payment reductions used, times, transaction #, etc. Very useful for tracking down exactly what was rung up, when and by whom.
  8. Employee Reports – Employee Payment Summary Report – this report shows the various payment types and totals for each employee
  9. Employee Listings Reports – listing of employee details
  10. Merchandise Listings Reports – listing of merchandise details
  11. Customer Reports – listing of customer details 8. Audit Reports – Manager Activity – Time Clock – list of all time clock modifications.
  12. Legacy Electronic Payment Reports – Batch Summary Report – best way to research batches/credit card deposits. Keep in mind Amex may come in a separate deposit.*
  13. Legacy Electronic Payment Reports – Batch History Report – Will list each posted batch, along with an open and close date, response code, amount and transaction count.*
  14. Reports – Sales Tax Reports – Sales Tax Summary.
  15. Employee Sales Reports – Employee Payment Summary Report – Will list the total amount of revenue taken in for a specific time period by employee and payment type(Visa, AMEX, Cash, etc.)
  16. Sales Reports – Reductions Report – Will list out all reduction types(voids, refunds, etc.) and the total amount of each reduction type by reason.
  17. Payroll Reports – Payroll Details Report – This report shows time in and out, sorted by pay category. Will break down regular pay and overtime pay, as well as, showing sales and tips declared.