Locating “Stuck” Tables within onePOS

  1. If you are doing EoD and there are open tables you want to close, identify who owns the table by clicking “Go fix”.
  2. CLOSE Manager Console (BEFORE you proceed).
  3. From the manager menu on a terminal, touch “select employee from list” OR “Query by table”. NOTE: If “query by table” is used, skip #4. 
  4. Choose the employee who currently owns the table.
  5. Touch the table. You may need to scroll to the “active tables” screen to locate the table if it originated in quick sale.
  6. Close the check with payment or by voiding/comping etc if needed. Proceed if you are about to do end of day.
  7. Terminate the system from manager menu and relaunch.
  8. Run flash readings and touch open ticket. Proceed with EoD if there are no open tickets.
  9. Start/Restart MC.
  10. Proceed with EoD.